Process & Expertise

Search and Recruiting Solutions to match your needs.

At Frank CPG Partners we understand that each search is unique. Every business need is different. Every company culture is distinctive. Collaboration, understanding and deep CPG industry insights are all hallmarks of our recruiting process.


We Listen

We hear and take to heart every specific requirement you mandate for the candidate we’re recruiting on your behalf. We share the same industry language. There’s no fear of being misinterpreted and wasting time. We fully understand the needs of every recruitment you assign to us.


We Research

You’re in good hands. Frank CPG Partners is prized for our granular, detailed research. On your behalf, we leverage our proprietary, systematic research systems, our established CPG industry relationships and our extensive networks.


We Recruit

This is where we excel. We identify, engage, motivate and exhaustively qualify your next hire. The candidates we present will match your qualifications, organizational culture, current and long-term objectives and overall business goals. You will gain from our industry experience, combined with what our clients deem our “gifted intuition.”


We Introduce

It’s time to make some tough decisions. We’ve introduced you to three perfect candidates. Now you have to deliberate in post-interview meetings — which of the three will be your next hire? You may even decide to create new positions and hire more than one of these great talents before your competitors do (and yes, it’s happened).

You Succeed

Once you’re ready to make your final selection, we work closely with you and your team, guiding you on each specific candidate’s nuances. This ensures a successful hiring and onboarding experience for you both. In the end, you have a thrilled candidate who is now an asset to your team… and Frank CPG Partners on speed dial. Cheers!

Our process of candidate discovery involves the fit and fabric versus functional and transactional hiring.

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